Breathing Love Through the Spirit of My Beloved is a survival guide for all of those who are already in a matrimonial covenant—and for those who are very close to entering into one. This small guide will present you with daily, practical and loving devotionals and prayers for you to share with your beloved. The book is a bedside guide on how to avoid a lifetime of heartbreak and regrets; so you may want to keep it handy. As an author, I am a firm believer in genuine and constructive communication. Although brief in its contents, the present collection of devotionals and prayers, will perhaps be the first step towards establishing a better communication between you and your beloved.

Breathing Love Through the Spirit of My Beloved will introduce you to an intimate array of uplifting messages, that will assist you in choosing and in implementing the right language when cocommunicating with your spouse, groom or fiancé. This book—being a kind of a practical and an easy to read devotional guide—will help both of you, in developing a strong loving relationship with each other. I pray that you and your beloved use this devotional, as well as the prayers, in a way that might help both of you in saving a struggling marriage from the ravages of separation or divorce.